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       Security Service is to maintain social stability and safeguard public security and law and order and public security forces auxiliary police force. It's not only the birth and development for the troops demobilized veterans employment provides a good platform for a more stable society and make a positive contribution, while promoting the national economy and the development of tertiary industry. 
       Company sent security guards units to customers in accordance with the security service contracts, in accordance with national laws and the rules and regulations of customers, clients and out of the unit designated locations personnel, vehicles and supplies for safety management in order to maintain customer unit public order, protection of personal and property safety one kind of security business activities. Which includes security guard services, security guard services and security patrol services. According to the different characteristics of factories, hotels, residential property, shopping malls, supermarkets and government organizations and institutions, and to develop appropriate security guard services, guard services and patrol service solutions, professional security personnel deployed to provide security services, in charge of the Deputy Minister of Security Department, the management team to implement layers of security classification, responsibilities and rights to the people, slicing points, quantify and transparent.

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