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Bulletproof helmet consultants recommended: counter-terrorism should be carrot and stick
Article source:admin           Add time:2014-06-29 23:23:07

      Since the crackdown carried out special operations, Xinjiang focus on a number of criminals, many local people take the initiative to report appeared, molecular self-organization and the fight against terrorist violence. In this situation, given the long-term fight against terrorism, complicated and arduous nature, I believe that there must be targeted to develop "anti-terrorism", "anti-terrorism" strategy, adhere to single-handedly "hard" hand "soft", treating the symptoms, anti playing simultaneously, in order to win this "people's war." 

       To strengthen the ideological indoctrination, strengthen social identity, eliminate the impact "double pan" ideological trend. After the Cold War, Bosnia, Chechnya, Afghanistan and other regional conflicts and local wars, so many countries within and ethnic, racial conflicts between countries can be released, the generalization of narrow nationalism and extreme religious ideology, "Pan-Turkism" and "Pan-Islamism" is one of the representatives. Central clear: dangerous Xinjiang mainly from extreme nationalism and illegal religious activities. Ideological position that we do not occupy the Muslim masses, will be occupied by extreme nationalists. Therefore, to vigorously carry out ethnic unity education, legal education and the "two materialism" education in the masses of all ethnic groups, especially young people of all nationalities to help strengthen Marxism "Five Senses" education and citizenship education. Mobilize social organizations, social forces to actively participate ethnic rebuild mutual trust, actively promote the accession to the WTO by opening civilized minority culture, social identity, cultural identity easing ethnic conflict, and enhance a sense of the value of people's sense of ethnic groups, the gradual elimination of national barriers, thus as to increase mutual trust and promote the purpose of social solidarity. 

      To all the people mobilize the whole society to participate in the establishment of anti-terrorism community supervision mechanism. How to prevent terrorists cities public goals or vulnerable groups, small and fast to launch an armed raid? Japan's Aum Shinrikyo prevention methods that we can learn, as long as a country infested Aum staff, local people will spontaneously composed monitoring group, 24-hour surveillance, one has the situation immediately reported to the police. Therefore, the most effective way to prevent terrorism is a nationwide mobilization, terrorist activities under the close surveillance of the masses. Not long ago, Beijing mobilize 850,000 volunteers took to the streets as a social security guard, information officer, involved in the social aspects of prevention, which is a great move, "people's war" is our fine tradition and strengths lay people's war on terror , we should let the "terror" concept deeply rooted among the people of all ethnic groups to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of anti-terrorism, counter-terrorism forces to accelerate the integration of a variety of grassroots, mobilize the whole society to carry out joint prevention and treatment, so that a sign of trouble, you can discover the containment, the horror activities nipped in the bud. 

      To strengthen intelligence, real-time tracking chase, to stop terrorist activities in the bud. Intelligence plays a decisive role in the fight against terrorism. Should attach great importance to intelligence and reconnaissance work actively to strengthen the intelligence building, broadening random information source, open up channels of information, trying to proactively do intelligence collection, analysis, screening, etc., determined, energetic figure out a terrorist organization system , command mode, action Network. To pay special attention to the establishment of anti-terrorism and early warning "big data" systems, qualitative and quantitative analysis combined height, timely access to information from the mass clues. Only real-time understanding of the latest developments in domestic and foreign terrorists, the terrorists placed under surveillance every move my intelligence, so that the enemy does not move me a prophet, I want to move the brake enemy to the fight against terrorism do not sprout its defense, cut its unburned.
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