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Lobby job security techniques and methods of work
Article source:admin           Add time:2014-06-29 09:37:48

First, carry out the inspection items. 
To see the user to carry out large items, to quickly proactively approached users, politely ask the user to present the release of the goods, "Mr. (Ms.), Hello! I ask whether you have the release of the goods?" Release of goods received after carefully check whether the requirements to fill, and by the relevant departments for approval. 
If without the approval of the relevant authorities, then said, "Please go through the formalities signature or seal." If you do not agree, we must patiently explain:. "For cargo clearance procedures are prescribed management conventions, the purpose is to ensure the company's office in the property, please understand and work with us." 
Follow the release of the list carefully checked each item. You can use the following words: "? Ask you to open the box or boxes bags, let me test it inside the release of goods and articles written on the bar are the same, okay." 
Checked, politely said: "I'm sorry, wasted your time." "Thank you for your cooperation!" 
Under the working conditions allow, as much as possible to help users packaging or handling items. 
For items do not release formalities users, asking them to return the relevant departments formalities, in this period, such as user requirements, took care to bring out the goods, be sure to ask whether the valuables. If valuables, not easily custody; If non-valuables can help the user to items on the desk in the lobby or inconspicuous place to reduce the user due to move onto the next cargo brought trouble and discontent. 
Second, the non-office hours and out of registration. 
During non-office hours, to see the user to, to quickly stand up, smiling, politely ask the user. 
"Mr. (Ms.), Hello, may I ask on your room number?" 
"Now the non-office hours, wasted little time that you please look at your present documents for registration." 
Users do not want to produce documents, to patiently explained: "! Sorry, for safety reasons, can not go upstairs without valid documents, please register." 
Users handed out certificates, should stand up and take delivery of user credentials hands, after registering good to say "Thank you for your cooperation." 
Under convenient working conditions, can help the user to press the elevator. 
The two companies have more than one staff member entering the office, at least two people to be registered; when you leave the office, you can register only one of them, but in the remarks column to indicate gender, number. 
Guests from the floor down, while leaving the hall, to ask the following: "Mr. (Ms.), Hello may I ask you a few rooms down from number!?" "What do you do there are people inside the room," If guests have not registered? (this situation should be avoided), asking them to re-submit the registration, "Excuse me, you are a little time delay, please go through about registration, please?" 
Third, no passes or does not match the user registration, forcing overtime upstairs. 
No need to return the company passes for overtime users who want to contact the company to contact for advice after OK. As contact person agrees to work overtime, after upstairs accompanied by the duty foreman, supervising unlock burglary, but also notify the monitoring center to strengthen monitoring. 
Registration is not forced to go upstairs with overtime users to notify foreman immediately and notify the monitoring center video, to observe whether there is a key to open the door. As foreman treatment failed, the company can contact telephone contact, solicit opinions. Encountered such a thing to be patient, restraint, and users can not quarrel occurred. 
Fourth, suspicious person. 
Good wind blows, adverse circumstances to make quick response. 
Identification salesman. General salesman suit, holding envelope, bag containing advertising paper after entering the lobby like to see the company signboard. For such people should be inquired: "Mr. (Ms.), Hello Do you have anything I can help you with something ask you to produce documents to register!?." 
When the salesman indeed confirmed when, to persuade them to leave the building: "Please leave the building." 
Identify fake ID. Some people will hold a fake ID to register, so one of the security officers should identify the skills fake ID, the specific method: observation with the holder's photograph on the appearance of documents, scrutinized the face, eyes, ears , mouth, nose and facial features, as well as whether there are traces of photos, seals sharpness. The actual date of birth and the age of the holder of the note documents to fill any obvious gaps. Filled the place of origin or residence of the note holder is consistent voice and identity. 
Dubious or things to try to stabilize, unemotional, promptly notify the leader or co-workers to come to assistance.
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